Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m having trouble logging in.

    If you’re trying to log in, make sure you enter the same email and password you use for your College Board account. If you’re still having trouble, click here and log in to your Score Report, then click on Roadmap to Careers and you’ll end up back here automatically logged in!

  • Is this free?

    This site is free to anyone who took the PSAT—just make sure you sign in with your College Board account so we know it’s you!

  • Can I do the Roadmap more than once?

    Yep! You can try the Roadmap as many times as you want! Click on Explore Your Roadmap, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “New Roadmap.” You can also check out all the Roadmaps you’ve already tried by clicking on “Roadmap History.”

  • How do I create a new Roadmap and save new careers and majors?
    To create a new Roadmap, click the Roadmap tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "New Roadmap." After you've completed your new Roadmap, you'll see a list of careers, majors, and Leaders that match up with your interests! While exploring your results, you can click the "Save" button whenever you see something you want to add to your Collection. (Click on the Collection tab at any time to revisit everything you've saved!) Most of the career, major, and Leader pages also include "Take Action" items to help get you started on your road—by clicking "Do This," you can add any of those activities to your personal To-Do list!